Hammer & Tusk is driving virtual and augmented reality into the mainstream


At Hammer & Tusk we do more than just talk about VR - we get our hands dirty. We’re interested in the nitty-gritty of this emerging technology; from technical specs to design paradigms and content strategy, we drink deeply from the chalice.


The weekly Hammer & Tusk newsletter is the nexus of a global community. As well as broadcasting the most interesting and thought-provoking industry news and opinion pieces, we maintain a blog that digs into the nuts and bolts of immersive content.


From luxury brands to entertainment startups, companies are beginning to harness VR technology for consumer markets - in fact, a recent study found that 75% of Forbes Most Valuable Brands are currently creating, or investing in, virtual reality. But starting from the ground up can be more than just difficult - finding road maps is hard when the terrain is still being invented. That’s where we come in.

The team
Mack Flavelle

Before Hammer & Tusk, Mack was the CEO of gaming outfit Compass Engine (acquired by East Side Games), and served as VP of Marketing at Tapstream (a marketing suite for mobile apps used by Microsoft, Rosetta Stone, and Twitch). Mack serves as advisor to CareLedger, a Y Combinator-backed digital health startup.

Wren Handman

Wren is the author of two novels, a multitude of plays, one television show, and an endless panorama of flash fiction. She is the driving force behind creative content for Hammer & Tusk, as well as talking artificial intelligence for Axiom Zen.

Mike Gittens

Mike is an expert in the field of immersive entertainment. With a deep background in audio video and broadcast technologies, he is always pushing the boundaries of new media. Mike is Hammer & Tusk's Social VR expert, focusing on the many growing channels for virtual interaction.

Cassidy Robertson

Cassidy loves all things product strategy and experimentation. Jumping into entrepreneurship at a young age and often found tinkering with new technology, VR has become her latest and most serious obsession. She now enjoys talking shop as part of the Hammer & Tusk team, and getting the ball rolling with new ideas.

Dieter Shirley

A veteran of the original dot-com boom and bust, Dieter brings more than 15 years of experiences as a key player in dozens of successful software products. He has a proven track record shipping software for industry giants including Apple, BlackBerry, and Microsoft. He strives to help the team remain fresh, creative, robust and flexible in the face of constant change.

Arthur Camara

Arthur is a front end web developer and software engineer. On top of previous positions such as the lead developer of projects like Vizabi and Gapminder Tools, which help people understand the world better through data visualization, his current gig includes projects like building the site you're currently navigating.

David Huynh

David's creations are exhilarating and fresh, and demonstrate a real talent for radical experimentation. David worked at Blackberry, where he designed and built websites for internal communications, mastering BlackBerry's brand. He also worked with startup clothing company Potential Apparel, creating new graphics for a line of t-shirts, hoodies and hats and helping to redefine the company's visual identity.

Jody Rebak

Jody takes the lead on strategic accounts and partner relationships, ensuring interests are aligned, partner-facing projects are supported, and that the shared experience is beneficial for everyone involved. Though Jody’s ability to plan events like Hammer & Tusk’s “Dinner in New York” suggests she’s a limitless source of carefree fun, don’t be fooled: she spends countless hours on charity work, like sitting on the Gala Committee for Children’s Wish, and The Zajac Foundation.

Amy Ngai

Amy works fluidly in Adobe Illustrator and prefers a tablet over a paintbrush, but the genesis of her art is in her sketch book — its pages brimming with ideas and imagery. She produces creative wireframes and functional requirements that define world-class user experiences, and is a master at wrangling unstructured ambition into concrete and achievable objectives.

Kan Zhang

Kan brings critical thinking, advanced mathematics, and forward thinking to his job, where his innate talent for problem solving and complex data analysis make him a gifted and awesomely functional coder. Previously, Kan worked as a civil engineer where he designed floor and roof systems, as well as concrete and steel columns essential to a city's infrastructure.

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