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October 04 2018
Merge Cube puts Augmented Reality Front and Centre

The Merge Cube is marker-based augmented reality made fun and games.

September 21 2018
Is the Future of IR Inside or Outside the Mask?

Is this a question of which technology will win? Or rather is it an instance of different use cases requiring different technology?

September 04 2018
Buzz About VR is Dwindling, but VR is Growing

The blush is fading off the apple, and critics are starting to ask if virtual reality is dead in the water. Yet at the same time, virtual reality is growing strong in industries like medicine, education, and military. The buzz is fading away, but what it’s leaving in its place is actual technology with a strong backing and real market potential.

August 15 2018
When the Medium IS Art, How Does Art in the Medium Differentiate Itself?

In virtual reality, every blade of grass, every speck of dust, has to be carefully rendered by an artist. Like video games and animation, the world of VR is a world of art.

July 31 2018
How Long Does VR Need to be Comfortable?

Making VR more comfortable for long-term play is a common conversation, but it raises an interesting point: how long do most of us really spend in VR, anyway?