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April 25 2017
Get Your Virtual Groove On

This was going to be an article about all of the neat VR fitness apps out there for you to try. Instead, it's about how there are no neat VR fitness apps out there for you to try.

April 11 2017
Lemmings is Even More Fun in 3 Dimensions

Our hearts have been captured by a wonderful piece of 90s nostalgia, and if you’re one of the lucky few thousands who have the chance, we highly recommend you try out HoloLems

April 03 2017
17 Things Only VR Fans Will Understand

If you're a huge fan of virtual reality, you live in a world that few people understand. But we're right there with you.

March 24 2017
Mobile VR is Doing a Disservice to the Medium 

Virtual reality isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. That is, if mobile can get out of its way.

March 13 2017
It’s About Time We Look Into the Virtual Reality of Brands

Samsung's Sergio Flores and Mariona Prat Vila discuss the future of brands in virtual reality, and describe the path forward.