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July 18 2018
Will Good Games Read My Mind?

We’re hard at work on brain-computer interfaces, and the question that arises is… what if those interactions don’t just read the thoughts we deliberately send?

July 04 2018
Can Games Manufacture Community?

it’s easy to see how the drive for community has become harder to achieve as our ‘community’ expands to fill a global reach, and the numbers of practicing religion members steadily declines around the globe. How do we build a community that lasts? It might sound silly, but Niantic thinks the solution is playing games.

June 19 2018
The Exciting Future Isn’t Coming Unless It Is

It's as easy to find articles saying virtual reality is dead as it is to say it will have total market saturation in five years. So why the disparity?

June 05 2018
Don't Give Up on Social VR Just Yet

Social networks are taking off in VR. What do they bring to the table that traditional networks don't?

May 23 2018
Is Better Enough for Roomscale to Thrive?

While room-scale experiences are far and away better, are they better enough?