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May 10 2018
The Future is Having Technical Difficulties

e write about a lot of experiences, be they virtual or augmented or mixed reality. We also, when we can, test out those experiences. A disturbing number of them simply don’t work.

April 24 2018
Do We Want Real, or Real Enough?

Sometimes, virtual reality is at its best when it isn’t trying to be a perfect simulation of the world.

April 03 2018
Give 'Em the Old Three Ring Circus

As Magic Leap finally ships to developers, Lytro closes the doors on an incredible product and the company that developed it. The question we’re asking ourselves is, why can some companies survive on the promise of experimental tech, while others can’t weather the storm?

March 05 2018
The Women Pressing for Change

Why only celebrate women one day a year? They make up 50% of the planet, and some day hopefully they'll make up 50% of this awesome industry we're all involved in.

February 20 2018
Augment Your Artistic Game

Artists will always be at the cutting edge of technology even while they hand-grind pigments to create oils using the same techniques pioneered thousands of years ago.