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February 06 2018
Will VR and AR Give Way to XR?

The line between augmented and virtual reality is crumbling.

January 25 2018
Will VR Kill Books?

Are books an interim technology on the way to VR? Will, as Douglas Copeland suggests, VR make them obsolete?

January 08 2018
How is VR Changing the Construction Industry?

When you think of high-tech industries, construction probably isn’t at the top of your list. Medicine, maybe, or even manufacturing. But technology is coming to job sites in a big, business-changing way.

December 19 2017
New Year, New VR

Last year we looked at the trends in research that we hoped to see trickle down into consumer software. This year we’re focusing on the past instead of the future, which we find is much easier to predict.

December 13 2017
Sticker Wars

The era of augmented reality is upon us. Headsets are improving dramatically, iOS and Android are both embarking on their own versions of the technology, and dancing hotdogs are [immortalized in “art”—sorry, go back. Dancing hotdogs? Is this the best AR has to offer?