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November 26 2017
Is Cost a Bigger Factor Than We Thought?

Good VR is expensive. Those costs are beginning to drop, but there’s still a huge buy-in for some of the high-end headsets.

November 14 2017
Medicine Vaults Into the Future

Some of the most exciting moves forward are in healthcare, but we’ve yet to do a roundup of the coolest advancements! So here it is. The top 5 most jaw-dropping uses of spatial computing in medicine.

October 31 2017
Helping Sexual Assault Survivors With VR

Vantage Point will both help survivors of sexual violence, and teach the next generation how to responsibly connect with their peers.

October 08 2017
Will VR Take on the Computer?

The disconnect in VR's projected growth comes from two places: that it hasn’t moved as quickly as evangelists predicted, and (perhaps more importantly) that it hasn’t moved in the _direction_ evangelists predicted.

October 04 2017
VR For Social Good

As people begin to dig deeper, they’re discovering new and ever expanding ways to use virtual reality to help change the world, one screen at a time.