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September 19 2017
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education

Virtual reality has been getting a lot of well-deserved ink for its potential to transform education, but the infrastructure necessary to bring in a program that every kid can engage with is a significant stopper.

September 13 2017
VR is Giving Life to Dead Franchises

There’s a lot of evidence that strong, pre-existing IPs are helping push VR forward. Adoption is still low; taking a risk on an expensive system for an untested game is a big ask, but telling fans that the things they love will now be even better is an easy sell.

September 05 2017
Beeple Design Competition

Beeple is a visual artist who creates at least one new work every single day. He’s been doing this daily for the last ten years, and inspired countless others to do the same. King Deluxe decided that, in honour of this ten year anniversary, they wanted to bring his creations to life in virtual reality.

August 26 2017
5 ARCore Apps We Want to See

There are a boatload of fun demos available, but not a one that you can download and try for yourself. This is disappointing given that, unlike ARKit, we aren’t waiting on a release to open it open to mass consumption.

August 23 2017
Are We Ready for VR Movies?

VR isn’t a yawn because the technology isn’t interesting, because it doesn’t have promise, or because he doesn’t think the next generation of movies will use the technology. It’s a yawn because this generation of movies is already using the technology—just not in the ways we imagined.