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August 16 2017
Snap is the MySpace of AR

It seems like the question is no longer will Snapchat fall. Instead, the question is, if Snapchat is MySpace, who’s Facebook?

August 09 2017
The Golden Beanstalk Ring We All Plant

The trend began with startups tacking virtual reality onto any project they could think of. We’ve seen bizarre combinations of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Now, we’re seeing it with the new entrant into the market: blockchain.

August 01 2017
Is Social VR the Answer?

Social VR has potential, but without a stronger call to action than “hang out with your friends but without an uncomfortable headset on instead of just curling up on your couch,” it’s unlikely to thrive.

July 26 2017
Anonymity in Virtual Reality

Which of these trends will virtual reality follow? In a world where half the adventure is that you can become anyone you want, will we force people to be themselves?

July 19 2017
Showing Home Construction Upgrades From Your Office Using Virtual Reality

Jason Vander Griendt shares ideas with Hammer & Tusk about virtual reality that touch on how this technology can be used to help in the selection of upgrades and finishes.