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July 12 2017
Google Blocks Aims For Simplicity

When we heard that Google was releasing another free tool for 3D design, we were beyond excited.

July 01 2017
Selling the World, Virtually

Since the beginning, avid enthusiasts have seen hope of a reformation of the real estate industry with the help of spatial computing, but it’s only now that real solutions are starting to be feasible.

June 25 2017
First to Market, or Best in Class?

If ARKit isn’t the best in class tool, what does it have that leaves it poised to knock its competitors out of the way?

June 20 2017
Women in VR

We thought we would compile a list of 5 of our favourite spatial computing companies staffed entirely by women!... We failed.

June 14 2017
You’re Giving Augmented Reality a Bad Name

We’ve been known to complain about people trying to use the latest buzzword to describe their product, and instead watering down the pool for everyone else. Now we have our sights set on the latest perpetrator of this calamitous crime: augmented reality.