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June 07 2017
Does VR Have a Future?

Critics are beginning to ask, what happened to VR’s future? We have the answer.

May 31 2017
Is Ambient Technology Antithetical to VR?

The question in our minds at Hammer & Tusk is whether the idea of ambient technology is antithetical to virtual reality, or its future.

May 21 2017
Through Rose-Tinted AR Glasses

But what if we took fiction's dire predictions of the future and watched them through rose tinted glasses? Might we find the seeds of some pretty incredible ideas?

May 18 2017
Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Standalone Headset

Standalone headsets are great news for the industry as a whole, but confusing for consumers. What will, at the end of the day, set the headsets apart?

May 06 2017
CVR Talks the Future of the Industry in BC

BC serves as a “jumping off” point for XR growth. There are a number of leading research agencies and top of the line game developers here, and Microsoft has recently moved their HoloLens team here.