Hammer & Tusk
Virtual Reality Podcast
25 October 2016, Episode 17
Lessons Learned as a VR Developer

Passive vs active experiences, VR surgery, Highway of Tears documentary, virtual vacations, VR 101.

29 September 2016, Episode 16
The Tongue Twister of Mixed- No, Merged- No, Augmented- Reality

Reducing cognitive load, VR training for any danger, VR and the music scene, art in AR, the debate in VR was a bust, and realistic lighting for AR is here.

15 September 2016, Episode 15
Learn How to Design for Mixed Reality

In this special podcast, join Aidha and Wren as we chat about VR raves, the man bankrolling VR, lucid dreaming, dissecting eyeballs, Actiongram, designing for mixed reality.

09 September 2016, Episode 14
Special Edition: Interview with Kain Tietzel

Special edition! Join us for an interview with Kain Tietzel, one of the driving forces behind the studio that created VR Noir. We talk making VR in Australia, the challenges of creating 360 interactive TV, and if a private island is on the horizon.

05 September 2016, Episode 13
Walk Around in a Live Action Movie

Virtual reality and B2C marketing, feminist porn, Snapchat hardware plans, magic spells for HoloLens, control robots in VR, and Lytro makes an immersive movie.

31 August 2016, Episode 12
Investors Seeking VR Entrepreneurs

Evolution of virtual reality infographic, the fun of the familiar, legal tips for AR developers, Felix & Paul & the President, Seattle's VR community, and the legal defence of pigs in VR.

23 August 2016, Episode 11
VR Offers Hope to Children in Pain

Children using VR for pain management, VR market in China, higher grades for gamers, closing the gender wage gap with VR, onboarding recruits with VR, and immersive storytelling challenges when writing for kids.

16 August 2016, Episode 10
VR Can Heal - and Break - Your Brain

VR might break your brain, or it might partially heal your paralysis. SpaceVR goes 360 in space, V One are the lightest VR glasses in history, AR microscope for neurosurgeons, and a code of ethics for AR games.

10 August 2016, Episode 9
VR Sex "Edutainment" Isn't As Shocking As It Sounds

VR sex edutainment, Mindshow, volumetric lightfield streaming, augmented reality running, the end of Skully, and the coolest thing ever - interactive dynamic video.

02 August 2016, Episode 8
The Power of Interactive Stories

Samsung announcements, AR colouring for kids, first responders helped along by Mercedes, AR in health, Nvidia does real-time stitching, and creating a new genre in VR storytelling.

26 July 2016, Episode 7
VR Is Just Getting Started

Violence in VR, Nvidia's eye-tracking and foveation tech, playing with robots in VR, weight in VR.

20 July 2016, Episode 6
The One Where Mack Refuses to Talk About Pokemon Go

Can the internet handle VR's bandwidth, AR for business, the human machine divide, Nico360, and Star Wars for VR. That's it. Nothing else.

12 July 2016, Episode 5
Splash Around the World!

Don't forget to Splash this Saturday at 10am PST! Stepping into virtual reality memories, Planned Parenthood film, the rise of augmented reality, VR training for police and army medics, and Project Sansar.

04 July 2016, Episode 4
Make a Splash, Win a Homido-Mini!

Join us to Make a Splash by taking a 360 video at 10am July 16th. Google adds a VR shell, mixed reality vs augmented reality, Steven Spielberg signs on, Weather Channel toys with AR, and a new AR helmet lets pilots see through fog.

26 June 2016, Episode 3
Journalism is the Future of VR, if Journalists Have Anything to Say About It

We discuss Magic Leap and whether they’ll want to sell, Yahoo’s Tiles ad platform, Stereolabs position tracking for mobile, the VR film Notes on Blindness, Rolls-Royce’s jump into AR drone ships, and storytelling in VR.

19 June 2016, Episode 2
Symposium on Virtual Reality Journalism

This week we prepare for our Symposium on VR Journalism, which will feature conversations with Emblematic, Associated Press, RYOT, and more! Plus, we break down peripherals for VR, talk therapy, and bring you the latest pretty infographics.

13 June 2016, Episode 1
Draw Your Blade and Kill Pornography

The first episode of Hammer & Tusk’s revised weekly podcast. We chat about VR sex, Bjork, curing arachnophobia using VR, stitching, Lenovo, and Draw Your Blade.